What Is Interface Design?

Designing is the process through which an idea or concept is transformed into a physical structure, idea or shape, which can be realized into a work by means of the development of a physical object. A design is actually a blueprint or detailed description of the arrangement or pattern of an entity or structure, or the end result of this blueprint or detailed description in the shape of a physical prototype, machine or experiment. The word ‘design’ is also used to describe the process by which a physical artifact is produced. So, the term ‘designing’ refers to the process of coming up with or creating an idea, then organizing it into a particular shape or form, and finally putting it into practice by producing it in some form. The word ‘design’ is also used to describe the procedure of determining or specifying the specifications for a certain physical structure, machine or product. Designing can also refer to the quality assurance test applied for any given structure, machine or product before it is released into the market.


There are many fields in which designers perform their tasks. The most common ones are industrial designing, software engineering, graphic design, interaction design, web design and interface design. The most important thing about designing is that it makes things possible by making things reality. In other words, designers make things possible by understanding the real functionality of useful objects or systems, and then putting them into physical form.

Interface designers perform a very crucial task in any type of business. Their work deals with visual communication and information presentation. They help create visual interface for a given piece of software, hardware or even an electronic device by manipulating its form, size and position relative to other things and their user interface. With such a rewarding and long career, there are now numerous schools offering Uxbridge and Interface design alongside computer aided drawing (CAD) courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.