Architectural Design

Architectural architecture is the art and the science of constructing buildings and other permanent structures. Architectural projects, at the common material form such as buildings, can be seen as artistic works and as manifestations of social concepts. They provide for the construction of homes, monuments, parks and many other such structures. The process of architectural design entails the process of planning, developing a vision or an idea for the building and the selection of materials, including colors, surfaces, and finishes. Architectural architects perform these tasks and others involving management of the project and construction.


It is not uncommon for architects to be involved in the technical aspects of the construction process, such as estimating the costs of various phases of the project and planning the erection of the building. A typical architecture program contains a detailed blueprint that describes the materials, the construction methods and specifications, as well as the steps of the build process. Architectural software is used by architects to edit source code files, manipulate digital models and create plans and coordinating drawings. A typical software package will allow the user to draw lines, edit text, mark up objects, change fonts, resize and edit other features and adjust the camera placement. Architects can also add text to the build environment using specialized tools such as AutoCAD drawing tools and AutoCAD labeling tools.

Architectural firms specialize in either residential or commercial architecture. Residential architecture creates homes and other types of real property, whereas commercial architecture is the design and construction of buildings used for business purposes. Many architects acquire some of their training through correspondence courses, on-the-job trainings and through specializations within specific fields. In order to obtain a degree in architecture, a student must have taken classes that taught both drafting and designing. After graduating, most graduates pursue careers in either the architectural or building sciences. Many architects work freelance or are employed by architectural firms.