Architectural Detail – A Critical Analytical Process

Architecture is the product and the procedure of constructing, designing, planning, and building various buildings or structures. Architectural projects, in the conventional material form such as buildings, can be both seen as personal works of art and as social symbols. A well-planned and meticulously executed building can become a mark in the memory of everyone who sees it, and can even evoke pleasant emotions of achievement. But the architect has to keep in mind that the building is not merely a machine with which he can serve his will. In fact, his designs may be totally misunderstood by people who will visit or inhabit the place.


The architect is required to meet several critical conditions before he can conclude a plan for any architectural project. One of the most fundamental conditions is creativity. Architectural designers should be able to think outside the box and create buildings or structures that can withstand the harsh conditions. The designing process includes several steps and each of these steps is directly affected by the culture and society in which the architect works.

In the field of civil engineering, the architect plays an important role in determining the form and structure of buildings and determining how they will be used. One of the most critical factors that affect the designing process is the selection of materials. For example, wood is commonly used in the construction of houses and buildings, but the type of wood, the durability of the wood, its aesthetic appeal, its pest control, and the ability of the wood to withstand the weather must all be taken into account when choosing the material. In the field of architecture, a variety of materials is used for different purposes, such as for interior design and furniture, roofing, flooring, windows and other interior decorations. Architectural details, such as windows, door frames, lighting fixtures, sinks and faucets, plumbing fixtures, cabinets and shelves, and architectural elements such as stairways and ramps are included in the building’s design.