What Is Architecture?

Architecture is the art and the discipline of building, planning, and designing buildings or other functional structures. Architectural projects, in the conventional material form such as houses, are often viewed as art and as manifestations of human creativity. A well-designed house will not only impress its visitors, but will also impart a feeling of comfortable coziness and homeliness to its residents. Architects work towards ensuring that the people who live in these houses have a sense of homeliness and a sense of well-being.


Urban development has brought an influx of architecture from all over the world. Many architects have been influenced by the cultures of various countries, especially France and Spain. Urban design is the general term used for the discipline of building architecture that has grown out of and is integrated with the culture of urban dwelling places. There has been a recent surge in the demand for highly skilled professionals in the field of architecture, due to the rapid urbanization of cities and growing concerns about the sustainability of the environment.

The increasing demand for highly skilled and trained architects has created many career opportunities for architects all around the globe. A few of the common areas where architects have thrived include the fields of commercial buildings and housing; public spaces such as parks, plazas, and zoos; museums and galleries; and cultural arenas such as theaters and opera houses. Modernism is an architectural style that emerged during the First World War. The name itself defines a very specific period in history, when modernistic architecture started to replace traditional architecture. Today, this particular architectural style is used to define the aesthetic sensibility of most buildings and residential constructions.