The Philosophy of Architecture

Architecture is the product and the process of designing, planning, and building structures or other physical structures. Architectural projects, in the most common material form of houses, are traditionally perceived to be works of architecture and as artistic works. As social indicators, the term architecture has been widely applied to both individual architectural creations and institutional architectural designs for housing purposes. In the modern era of the twenty-first century, however, architecture has become a more generic term encompassing a wide variety of artistic styles, techniques, and technologies.


The discipline of architecture can best be seen as a branch of science that has grown out of other disciplines such as engineering, mathematics, and chemistry. Architecture is an important art form in the history of art, because architecture gives us the means to view and appreciate great buildings from a distance. Architects must not only be experts in their own field, but must also be skilled communicators in order to design buildings that will withstand the test of time again. The use of modern technology has made it possible for architects to create extremely intricate buildings even on a small scale. The complexity of modern buildings is largely due to the creativity and technological know-how of the architects involved.

As with all the other fields of architecture, knowledge of architectural theory is necessary in order to build the buildings that will be used by all citizens in a society. Modern architecture theory, as understood by the majority of architects today, consists of a number of different concepts that combine the practical needs of the public with artistic desires. The use of space is a crucial factor in the design of any building, and architecture must take this into consideration when designing buildings. The landscape of a city is also of vital importance to the people who live there. Landscapes must allow for easy pedestrian movement within the city, as well as provide convenient parking for those who may need to use public transportation.