How Poker Can Teach You to Read People Well


Poker is a game of bluffing and deception that can teach you to read people well. This skill can be used in a variety of situations, from selling to colleagues and clients to leading a team.

You can learn a lot about a person from their body language at the poker table, and this is true of any social situation you might find yourself in. You can also use this knowledge to spot tells from other players, which can help you decide whether to call or fold a hand.

When you play poker, you have to constantly make quick calculations in your head. This can improve your mental arithmetic skills as you develop the ability to calculate odds on the fly. This is especially useful when playing hands like 3-bets and all-ins when you’re not sure if your opponent has a strong hold.

Another important skill that poker teaches is the ability to analyze and adjust your strategy on the fly. This is something that business owners and other leaders need to be able to do, as they often have to make decisions without all the information in front of them.

Poker can also help you build a healthier relationship with failure. By learning to look at each loss as an opportunity to improve, you can make the necessary changes to become a better player. In turn, this will help you in other aspects of your life as you face adversity and set bigger goals for yourself.