Designing Is Not a Simple Art

Designing is not a simple art as it seems to be. A good designer must be imaginative, innovative and well versed with technical details. A design is a detailed blueprint or specifications for the design of an object or system, or even for the manufacturing of that object or system, or its end result in the shape of a model, implement or article. The verb to design thus refers to the act of coming up with a design or blueprint.


There are many advantages of designing and there are many disadvantages. One of the greatest benefits of designing is that it helps us in saving time and money because we do not have to do a lot of research or spend a large amount of money in buying raw materials and so on. Thus we save both money and time, which are one of the reasons why a lot of students prefer to learn some design thinking skills as soon as they get into high school or college.

There are many examples of designing which have a deep meaning. An example of such deep meaning is the Nike logo. Nike started out as a company with just two people in Denmark but due to its success it now has hundreds of thousands of employees and hundreds of stores all over the world. The basic idea behind this success is the original Nike logo which has a very deep meaning for Nike, the company and especially for its employees.