Design Theory

Design is one of the most important aspects of industrial and commercial designing. A good design is a detailed description or blueprint of some process or construction of an object, the end product or system, or the resultant of that blueprint or description in the form of some prototype, appliance, machine or process. The word ‘design’ is related to ‘efficiency’, ‘cost effectiveness’ and ‘performance’. The concept of ‘designing’ is also related to the concept of ‘efficiency’ as it implies that the end product be produced in greatest possible quantity, as if each and every physical or chemical element is perfectly combined or arranged in the best possible way. The term ‘efficiency’ is used in the context of management and the planning of production, so design incorporates both aspects.


There are many advantages of designing, one of which is the fact that it allows the designers to explore and experiment with all possible shapes, forms, sizes, materials, etc., which would otherwise be very difficult to discover or imagine. Experienced designers are usually good at imagining and expressing things in ways which we would not have been able to do; in other words, they are good at ‘designing reality.’ The term designers gives us an idea of the enormous range of tasks that are usually done by qualified individuals, in different fields, including computer designers, architects, and interior designers, in addition to many specialist occupations.

Designing involves the systematic formulation of a strategy by using appropriate tools, so that the desired output is obtained. Designers usually use the word ‘design’ to describe their process of arriving at an end result, but they might also use’method’ and ‘process’ to describe their overall method or set of objectives. Designing involves using one or more of the following strategies: optimization, aesthetics, structuralism, experimentation, modularity, stylization, simulation and origami. All these strategies have different aspects, and all have various effects on the final design, so designers have to deal with a wide variety of issues. So the issue of ‘idea generation’ is very important here.