Architectural Review As A Technique To Improve The Design And Planning Process

Architectural architecture is the combination of art and science. Architectural projects, at the simplest level, are usually perceived as artistic works and as manifestations of human creativity and ingenuity. Architectural works usually consist of the construction of residential buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, hotels, museums, etc. However, other than these basic projects, the scope of architectural design and planning extends far beyond the ordinary projects. Architectural research and its application are the basis of any architect’s professional life.


Architectural designing starts with the determination of a basic project scope. This project scope generally includes the budget, the technical considerations, the location of the proposed site for the proposed buildings and the land required for such buildings. It also involves the number of employees to be employed to perform the work, the feasibility of the construction process for each specific building and whether or not the proposed project can meet the projected deadlines. Other pertinent considerations have to be addressed as well, including determining the functionality of the buildings and the land itself, and finally, determining the style of the planned buildings and the way in which they will be designed and built.

Architectural designing is done according to the guidelines provided by the client in terms of the type of structure, the number of rooms, the number of bathrooms, the number of beds, etc., that the buildings will have. These guidelines may be specified by the client themselves, or they may be suggested by an architectural consultant. The consultant, who will be involved in the whole project from conception to completion, takes into consideration all the pertinent factors. He will make sure that the project meets the deadlines set by the client and that it is aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to designing and building large buildings and structures, architects depend on an architectural review to help them build sustainable and energy efficient buildings.