Architectural Careers

Architectural architecture is the product and the process of designing, planning, and building structures or other structures. Architectural works, traditionally in the concrete form of houses, can be perceived as artistic works and as visual symbols. The discipline of architectural science seeks to overcome the problems inherent in the design of building structures by correcting problems in the methodology and by using engineering principles that are proven to withstand the adverse effects of natural and man-made events. Architectural engineers apply numerous techniques and applications in their efforts to realize their architectural visions.


Architecture as a whole has evolved over time into the complex system that it is today. Architecture is an art form that has achieved international recognition and significance. The evolution of architectural practice and its development is marked by a long history that began with the Greek architectural tradition. Archaic and medieval architecture was replaced by the Hellenistic period and the Renaissance period. In the latter period, Italian architecture was highly regarded and greatly advanced the field of architecture throughout Europe.

Today the field of architectural engineering employs a wide variety of styles and techniques. Architectural examples include the use of technical and creative disciplines such as software design, computer assisted design, resource planning, and client/user interaction in order to develop and produce building designs. A major portion of the world’s population still utilizes the traditional construction methods, and this trend is expected to continue for several more decades. Although changes in technology have made it possible to build more efficient and economical buildings; the majority of individuals remain attached to the traditional, brick-and-mortar architectural profession due to the sense of attachment to the buildings and communities that they create.