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Salads served with fresh toasted baguette


Rustic Greek Salad $11.00

feta cheese tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, kalamata olives and zatar

Turkey, Avocado, & Brie $13.00

off-the-bone turkey breast, tomatoes, grilled onions on a bed of mixed greens topped with Avocado, brie and drizzled balsamic vinaigrette

Tunisian Salad* $12.50  sub Ahi Tuna $3.50

albacore tuna salad on a bed of mixed greens with egg, tomatoes, and walnuts drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette

Slim Caesar $7.00
 add Chicken $2 Salmon $3

shaved parmesan on romaine lettuce drizzled with low fat Caesar dressing served with croutons

Spinach Salad with Feta $11.00

topped with walnuts, sautéed mushrooms and roasted peppers in a lemon pepper dressing

Arti’s Chicken Salad* $11.50

grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, egg, and pine nuts on romaine lettuce with balsamic Dijon dressing

Arugula Salad $11.00

roasted red peppers and shaved parmesan on baby arugula with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Oriental Chicken Salad $11.75

toasted almonds, scallions, and mandarin on baby greens topped with noodles and low-fat ginger soy dressing

Red Apple Goat Cheese $12.00

walnuts, craisins, red apples, and goat cheese on baby arugula drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette

Summer Salad $12.25

grilled chicken, strawberries, mandarins, almonds and goat cheese on mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette

Nicoise Salad $12.50 sub Ahi Tuna $3.50

Tomatoes, boiled eggs, steamed green beans, hash browns, and tuna on a bed of romaine with lemon and olive oil

Nina’s Salad $13.00
 add salmon $3

Sliced pear, tomato, onion, cucumber, craisins, avocado and goat cheese on baby arugula with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper





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